David Pratt Photography

Ju/'Hoansi-San Living Museum

1. Good To Go
Good To Go
2. Pleased To Meet You
Pleased To Meet You
3. Sisters In Arms
Sisters In Arms
4. A Quiver Of Arrows
A Quiver Of Arrows
5. Starting A Fire
Starting A Fire
6. Lighting A Pipe
Lighting A Pipe
7. Waiting To Exhale
Waiting To Exhale
8. Quiet Contemplation
Quiet Contemplation
9. Watching From Afar
Watching From Afar
10. Waiting In The Wings
Waiting In The Wings
11. Setting A Trap
Setting A Trap
12. Bushman's Toothbrush
Bushman's Toothbrush
13. Speckled Sand Skink
Speckled Sand Skink
14. San Life
San Life
15. Craft Work
Craft Work
16. Crafting
17. Teeth As A Tool
Teeth As A Tool
18. Threading Beads
Threading Beads
19. Sitting In Some Shade
Sitting In Some Shade
20. Piercing Beads
Piercing Beads
21. Delicate Work
Delicate Work
22. Soaking Up The Sun
Soaking Up The Sun
23. When Worlds Collide
When Worlds Collide
24. Playing Hunter
Playing Hunter
25. Singing and Dancing
Singing and Dancing
26. Medicine Man
Medicine Man
27. Keeping The Beat
Keeping The Beat
28. Healing Hands
Healing Hands
29. A Tribe In Song
A Tribe In Song
30. Clap!
31. In The Moment
In The Moment
32. Bushman
33. Their Whole Lives Ahead Of Them
Their Whole Lives Ahead Of Them