David Pratt Photography

Wharnley Burn

1. Wharnley Burn
Wharnley Burn
2. Water Will Find A Way
Water Will Find A Way
3. Green Rock Cascade
Green Rock Cascade
4. High and Dry
High and Dry
5. Focus On The Falls
Focus On The Falls
6. Rocks In The Burn
Rocks In The Burn
7. Flowing Through Ravenscrag Wood
Flowing Through Ravenscrag Wood
8. Three Seconds Of Stillness
Three Seconds Of Stillness
9. Caught In The Current
Caught In The Current
10. The Top Of The Falls
The Top Of The Falls
11. Intimate Falls
Intimate Falls
12. The Trickle
The Trickle
13. The Weeping Rock
The Weeping Rock
14. Flowing
15. The Slippery Slope
The Slippery Slope
16. Spillage
17. Rates Of Flow
Rates Of Flow
18. Chaos and The Calm
Chaos and The Calm
19. Oasis
20. Six Seconds
Six Seconds
21. The Tree Over The Burn
The Tree Over The Burn
22. Moss Overload
Moss Overload
23. Snowdrops Signalling Spring
Snowdrops Signalling Spring